Fixing Unmountable Boot Volume

First, this is in reference to my previous blog about my Dell computer experiencing an error message called "Unmountable Boot Volume" and not allowing me to boot up my computer so I could see the desktop window. Well, I solved that problem, but with less than desirable results...
A WARNING: The steps below WILL ERASE everything on your computer; meaning, all your pictures, word documents, files, games, etc. will be gone.
The steps to fix unmountable boot error:
1. Insert the Windows XP disc and start your pc.
2. Press F11 (I think) while it it booting up.
3. You should get to a screen that has a bunch of options... (AFTER THIS STEP, ALL YOUR DATA WILL BE LOST). You'll want to choose the option about booting from the CD in your computer.

Doing this will reinstall Windows XP and essentially erase all your personal files, but it should fix the problem. Good Luck.